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Similarly, experienced players were more likely to refer to stripling maturity: compared to eleventh graders, one-ninth graders were less likely to pick “adolescent has A right to choose” ( OR =.28, CI 95 =.11 to.73, P <.01) over “stripling is suppurate.” Further, there were sexuality differences among those who played “never” Oregon games of desire x “sometimes”: girls were to a lesser extent likely than boys to pluck “teen has a right to choose” ( OR =.03, CI 95 =.00 to.61, p <.05; and OR =.03, CI 95 =.00 to.62, p <.05) over “adolescent is mature.” Lastly, among girls, one-ninth graders were more in all likelihood than eleventh graders to pluck “teen has a right to choose” ( OR = 11.51, CI 95 = 1.96 to 67.59, atomic number 15 <.01) and “rear knows best” ( OR = 8.72, CI 95 = 2.12 to 35.84, p <.01) o'er “adolescent is mature,” substance that older girls were more likely to remember that adolescents ar suppurate sufficiency to adjudicate which male-unimaginative games ar appropriate for them.

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